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stray_cardinal's Journal

Caterina Sforza
7 August
Character's Name: Caterina Sforza
>b>Series:</b> Trinity Blood
Timeline: Episode 22 (Throne of Roses III, Lord of Abyss), just after Abel's death.
Canon Resource Link: here
Personality: As the Duchess of Milan, and a Cardinal of the Church, Caterina is a woman of deep conviction and faith. She is passionate about her beliefs, and her unflinching stand for peace between humans and Methuselah, which often leads to conflict between herself and other people in authority, including her brother--but she is not to proud to see reason if and when she finds herself in the wrong.

Though she often comes across as stern, she also harbors an abiding loyalty toward her allies, and a compassion for her people. She also has a softer, friendlier side, as seen by her closest personal friends--and often manifests in her playful, scolding banter with flighty Father Nightroad.

Conversely, her loyalty to and love for her friends and family has the potential to be used against her--particularly Abel and Alessandro--as she would do nearly anything to protect them, even to the point of sacrificing her own life. She also has no qualms about speaking her mind, or taking action in an urgent situation, which can sometimes be misconstrued as rebellion or blasphemy--but that has never stopped her from doing what she feels is right.
What your character can offer: While Caterina is only human, what she lacks the enhanced abilities of many of her AX officers, she makes up for in strength of character and diplomacy. She is trained in politics, which makes her a skilled negotiator, and a powerful ally when it comes to keeping the peace. And for more "aggressive" negotiations...well that's where her friends at AX come in.
What items will they be bringing with them? A vial of Lilith's nanomachines, which she intended to have sent to Abel's tomb.